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About the Coach

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Learning Consultant and Program Manager with Experience in Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, and Training & Development

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Dr. Les Wright

Dr. Wright is a veteran educator and leader with over 20 years of experience in educational leadership, training, and program management in higher education administration and the federal government.

Dr. Wright is a board-certified coach and holds a graduate certificate in evidence-based executive leadership coaching. He is a certified DISC behavior analyst with coaching certifications and credentials from Chart Your Course International and Taking Flight Learning. Dr. Wright is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the American Evaluation Association, the Association for Talent Development, and the American Psychological Association.


Capability Statement

Business Leadership:

Operational strategies | Data analysis | Financial/business acumen | Consulting/client strategy | Culture building project execution | Presentation/communication skills | Market research | Budget planning | Community outreach

Recruitment | Records management | Process improvement | KPIs | Goals/metrics | Compliance | Diversity

Training Strengths:

Adult learning | Workshops, seminars, and leadership programs | Training delivery/program management

Program evaluations |Technical contract requirements | Lesson planning

Needs/course assessment | On-site and technology-based training | Blended learning solutions

Industry Certifications:

  • Taking Flight with EQ Certification | Take Flight Learning, 2023

  • Coaching in Style Certification | Take Flight Learning, 2022

  • Taking Flight with DISC Certification | Take Flight Learning, 2022

  • Certified DISC Behavior Analyst (CDBA) | Chart Your Course International, 2018, 2021

  • Board Certified Coach (BCC) | Center for Credentials & Education; National Board for Certified Counselors, 2021

  • Facilitation | Management Concepts, 2015

  • Consulting Skills | The Association for Talent Development, 2015

  • E-Learning Instructional Design | The Association for Talent Development, 2014

  • Blackboard | Troy University, 2009

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® and Leading at the Speed of Trust | Franklin Covey


  • Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Executive Coaching | Walden University, Minneapolis, MN | 2021

  • Doctor of Education in Higher Education/Adult Learning | Walden University, Minneapolis, MN | 2015

  • Master of Education in Adult Education/Instructional Technology | Troy University, Arlington, VA | 2007

  • Bachelors | Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA | 1996

Blue Smoke

Coaching Philosophy and Approach


My coaching philosophy is that the coaching sessions agenda belongs to You-the client. If the session is not heading in the direction, you would like, if I, as your Coach, ever say anything you don’t feel comfortable with or if You have a concern with the way the Sessions are proceeding, I encourage you to let me know immediately. 

For coaching to be as successful as possible, you should do the following: 

Have a serious intent to and desire for change 

Make every effort to ensure you are at your peak mental, physical, and emotional state for each session

Be ready to work and receive feedback, be willing to try new ways of learning, be honest and open, honor your commitments, and inform your coach immediately when things are not working for you

Be willing to explore, challenge, and change thoughts, feelings, and actions that you recognize as self-defeating

Understand that as your coach, I will be focused on you and your best interests as a whole, not just your goals

Be willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and wholeheartedly try new concepts or different ways of doing and approaching things

Recognize your value and worth and the investment you are making in your personal development

Understand the need to plan the relationship ending in advance to allow for closure and wrap-up

Client Forms


New Client Information Form

Coaching Agreement Form

Client Intake Questionnaire Form

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My evidence-based coaching approach encompasses both the humanistic psychological approach and the positive psychological approach. The humanistic psychological approach focuses on the individual and emphasizes concepts like self-actualization and individual will. This approach focuses on the individual ability to grow, stresses the role of collaborative relationships, and emphasizes the possibility of personal choice—factors that resonate with contemporary coaching practice. A positive psychological approach is evidence-based and aims to enhance well-being, individual achievement, and resilience. This approach focuses on how clients can increase their well-being, improve their strengths, and achieve their valued goals through performance improvement.


The key concepts of both approaches enable a growth-oriented view of the individual and a holistic perspective. Combining both approaches provides psychometric measures through which I will assess individual strengths, and positive interventions that can be adapted to achieve improved productivity, life satisfaction, and increased happiness for the client.

Unlock your potential with the power of evidence-based coaching. At theWrightCoaching and Consulting Services LLC, we provide quality, affordable coaching services to individuals, groups, and businesses. We offer a  range of coaching services and soft-skill workshops tailored to help individuals or businesses achieve personal or professional goals. As a coach, I am passionate about helping people reach their potential and equally dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed.

We offer personal development, life, career, leadership, and executive coaching services to individuals and organizations. Whether you are seeking career advancement, personal growth, or just want some help organizing your life, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. We believe everyone has the potential for greatness, and are dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential.


My Vision

The vision of theWrightCoaching and Consulting Services LLC is to develop clients’ skills to ensure they are adequately prepared with the appropriate competencies at the right time and in the right place to achieve their goals.


My Mission Statement

The mission of theWrightCoaching and Consulting Services LLC is to provide an integrated and systematic process designed to enable each client to reach their potential to accomplish their intended outcomes fully.

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