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Our Features

Unlock Emotional Mastery: Your Personalized (EQ) Assessment for Insightful Growth


DISC-Inspired Emotional Fluency

The EQ Profile combines two assessments into one report. First, you will answer the DISC Profile. (If you’ve already completed it, there’s no need to retake it.)


A complete series of questions follow this to assess your emotional intelligence level. The report integrates the results to explain how someone with your style will likely approach the various aspects of EQ.


Visualizing Emotional Intelligence

The report includes a graph of your scores that measure your level of emotional intelligence. You will receive a comprehensive score that captures your overall EQ. scores for each of the four components of EQ, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.


In addition, you will receive scores for each of the categories that make up the four components.


EQ Deconstructed

For each component of EQ, you will receive an explanation of what that component looks like with high and low EQ based on your specific style.

Enhance EQ, Connect Today!

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