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Explore the DISC Profile Style Assessment for Personal Growth


Understanding Your Core

This profile provides an in-depth analysis of your motivators, needs, fears, distinctive value to a team, relationship to other styles, and stress response.


You will learn about your unique strengths and challenges based on your style.


Style Insights

You will also discover the characteristics of the four styles, the type of environment you thrive in, and what you may need to do to be more effective.


In addition, personalized content includes a one-page description of your general characteristics and information on your strengths, work tendencies, and approach to conflict management.


Navigating Relationships

Additional sections of the profile provide insight into building rapport with each style, communicating with each style, and what you may need to accept about each style.


Individuals will also discover how the styles can be overused, which results in turning strengths into behavioral challenges, thereby decreasing effectiveness and damaging relationships. The assessment wraps up with an action plan for personal development.

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