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Learning Consulting



Learning Consulting Solutions 

theWrightCoaching and Consulting Services LLC delivers learning consulting services that we can tailor to your short or long-term goals to make your desired outcomes effective, efficient, and sustainable.  From initial assessment and benchmarking to the development of learning strategies and recommendations, we will render insightful solutions to meet your needs. 

Soft-Skills Workshop Training 

theWrightCoaching and Consulting Services LLC offers several soft-skills workshops that we customize to meet assessed outcomes determined during the consulting phase. We offer several off-the-shelf and customized training workshops. Our workshops are instructor-led and offered through a virtual platform. Our soft-skills workshops can be the key to your success—it’s hard to succeed if you cannot navigate interpersonal situations, develop problem-solving and decision-making strategies, and increase your self-awareness. 

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Personal Development Workshops


Effective Communication Skills

Communication is often taken for granted; after all, it is something we do daily. However, it is one of the most important aspects of your life and touches on all areas, including your career, home life, friendships, relationships, and casual interactions. This workshop session will help you develop your communication skills and ensure you understand others when they communicate while getting your own message across clearly and in a way that fosters positive relationships. You will learn what it takes to be a successful communicator and how best to communicate confidently with others.

Effective Listening Skills 

The ability to communicate effectively is essential in business. However, our ability to communicate well is seriously undermined if good listening skills do not bolster it. In this workshop session, you will be provided with basic but effective techniques on listening effectively and consistently. You will be given the tools to explain why listening skills are important and identify key reasons we can fail to listen effectively.

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Self-development is about investing in yourself and building your skills, knowledge, and experience. It encourages you to be proactive, set objectives, and commit to pursuing those objectives. In this workshop, we focus on personal and career development to help you determine, set, and achieve your own objectives and your organization’s goals and objectives. In this workshop we will explore the skills and competencies required of highly effective managers. We will carry out diagnostic tests, set our personal goals and objectives, and complete a variety of activities to help you develop your skills and abilities.

​Understanding Change 

Change affects all of us in both our home life and our work environments. I am sure you have experienced many changes throughout your life, and you are probably even going through one right now. The fact is this—change will happen, and it’s our responsibility to learn to cope with it. The purpose of this workshop is to give you an understanding of how change affects people and what you can do to make the change process run smoothly for yourself and those around you.

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Prioritizing and Planning

Prioritizing and planning are crucial elements that everyone requires in their careers and personal lives. Without planning your time and prioritizing what is important to you, it is impossible to identify the most productive activities. When we are not focused on the elements that make us effective, we can begin to waste time and energy on the myriad mundane tasks that tend to appear, which can lead to stress and anxiety. This workshop will provide you with an awareness of the areas that they can improve in your day-to-day planning as well as give you tips for dealing with common time-management issues.

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Leadership Workshops

Dealing with Challenging People/Establishing Trust

This workshop will help build self-awareness and highlight the important elements of creating positive workplace relationships. You will be able to identify how barriers to building relationships can be overcome by recognizing attitudes and behaviors in themselves and others; explain the importance of trust in a relationship and identify methods of developing trust; and recognize the difference among assertive, aggressive, and passive behaviors and how these impact relationships.

Great Leadership 

People are frequently placed in leadership roles when they have no idea what leaders do. Modern leadership is moving away from the “command and control” ideal, and the role has become more focused on how to unlock the power and potential of those around you. People want to be respected and valued. A great leader recognizes this and is self-aware enough to encourage and develop others’ strengths to achieve the organization’s goals. This workshop will provide you with the basis on which you can cultivate great leadership skills. The workshop will focus on three elements of leadership: personal leadership, team leadership, and task leadership.

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Leading Effective Teams

Having an effective team around you is crucial. However, it is an area that is left to chance, which can lead to demotivated individuals who do not feel like part of the team and consequently do not perform. This workshop help you discover what it takes to lead an effective team and how you can get the best out of the people on it by understanding the role of leader both personally and from your team’s point of view.

​Mentor Training

Mentoring is an important function in any career, and many individuals have benefited from the support offered by a strong mentor. However, this role does not always come naturally, and even the most seasoned leaders may struggle when it comes to sharing their experience in a mentoring role. Mentoring is an important skill that shouldn’t be left to chance. This workshop will provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed to succeed in a mentoring relationship. You will be able to explain the mentor–mentee relationship and the respective roles and responsibilities, develop a clear set of guidelines and principles for a successful mentor relationship, understand and use specific tools to help you provide effective support for the mentee, and confidently deliver exceptional mentor support.

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Managing Upwards 

Most of us face one great challenge at work: balancing our personal priorities with those of our manager. For understanding what is important to our manager and knowing how they prefer to work and communicate allow us to work more effectively and provide a greater number of opportunities. Neglecting to manage the manager has costly consequences. You may miss promotions or opportunities to put your great ideas into action. This workshop will help you understand the “managing upwards” principle and will equip you with the key techniques to demonstrate this skill.

Positive Leadership 

Leadership is constantly changing, and we need to be aware of how we treat our people and their perceptions of us. As a team manager or supervisor, it is important to be aware of how people and their expectations have changed over the years. In this workshop you will be able to describe the importance of positive leadership, and explore themes in changing leadership styles.

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